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How To Buy High Quality Pork Food Products


With countless of labels on pork food products nowadays, you might be wondering on how you can figure out which pork is better for you and your family. Well in that case, I suggest that you keep reading.


Here are few things that you need to be mindful about.


Number 1. Antibiotic Free


Aside from being used in treating diseases in livestock animals, antibiotics are also added to the water or food of the animals in order for them to quickly gain weigh while consuming less food. Majority of these antibiotics are used as well in treating human illnesses so there's probably a big concern with widespread use of such. Like for instance, the frequent use of antibiotic on animals can make the bacteria become immune to it and the antibiotics are going to be less effective for human use.


For this reason, FDA works hard with veterinary drug manufacturers and meat producers on creating a program that'll reduce the volume of antibiotics that are used in raising livestock.


Number 2. Nitrate Free


Added nitrates are compounds that are chemically produced which are used to cure meats. As a matter of fact, nitrates are the chemical responsible for giving pork meats, deli ham and bacon its bright pink color. Nitrates act as preservative as well in preventing the growth of bacteria. In other words, processed and cured meats with such chemicals are likely to last longer compared to typical raw pork food product cuts. Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smithfield_Foods to understand more about pork foods.


But you may be wondering why nitrates are a big concern? There are research studies stating that cured smithfield foods china products might be implicated in causing different kinds of cancer. To be able to keep the flavor and quality of cured meats intact even without adding chemicals, there are lots of meat producers that turn to natural sources of nitrates similar to celery juice or celery powder. For you to be sure that the pork products are free of such chemicals, you may want to look for those that are labeled as "no nitrites or nitrates added" or "uncured".


Number 3. Natural


On most of the regulated smithfield foods china products by the FDA, natural isn't defined well and it might come to your surprise to see the label on single ingredient food such as pork. Meat however is regulated by USDA and the phrase natural on pork labels mean that there's no artificial coloring or ingredients and it was processed the way that doesn't alter the product.